Arie Oldman

Sydney, Australia
0432 934 970

Major Qualifications

  • Created cloud based service oriented systems using Go and Javascript.
  • Ability to work within agile teams under minimal supervision.
  • Excellent communication skills, including the production of technical documentation.
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), major in Telecommunications Engineering.

Professional Experience

Deputy Sydney
Software Engineer (Implementations) Sep. 2019 to present
  • Generated and supported revenue streams by creating plug-ins for Deputy's strategic partners.
  • Launched cloud services written in Go and JavaScript as platform integration middleware.
  • Advised performance and architecture considerations for major engineering projects.
  • Increased developer productivity by building internal tools.
  • Improved communication between teams by creating technical documentation.
  • Mentored team members to decrease the time taken for them to start adding value.
  • Reviewed technical tests to assist the recruitment of valuable engineering candidates.
Spriggy Sydney
Junior Software Developer Mar. 2019 to Jul. 2019
  • Improved reliability and uptime of the Spriggy platform by creating a service to rate-limit transaction processing.
  • Implemented features and repaired defects in the Spriggy platform.


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Telecommunications Engineering (2015 to 2018)