Arie Oldman

Sydney, Australia
0432 934 970

Major Qualifications

  • Create and maintain service oriented systems written in Go, Javascript and PHP.
  • Upgrade existing applications to be more secure, performant and reliable, in line with the Twelve-Factor App methodology.
  • Mentor and train junior engineers and interns, explaining complex ideas in a simple way.
  • Produce technical documentation, including how-to guides, tutorials, and references documents.

Professional Experience

Deputy Sydney
Software Engineer (Compliance) May 2021 to present
  • Refactor API client and resolve implicit dependency between PHP monolith and Go web service, in order to deliver the Agreed Hours feature to premium-tier customers.
  • Implement JWT authentication with resource-based access control to secure the Compliance webservice (Go).
  • Diagnose and resolve UI bugs in Deputy's Vue2 and Vue3 frontends.
  • Diagnose and resolve issues in Shift Pay Calculation logic to ensure Deputy calculates correct pay rates for around 1 million employees.
Deputy Sydney
Software Engineer (Implementations) Sep. 2019 to May 2021
  • Advise performance and architecture decisions for major engineering projects (Bunnings, Qantas).
  • Enforce strict separation of config and code — enabling non-technical team members to change configuration — by creating Vue SPAs (Bunnings, Environment Variable Custom App).
  • Independently direct project life cycle (requirements, design, implementation, maintenance) of the Deputy-Groundstar integration (Qantas).
  • Upgrade distributed serverless system to deliver Deputy employee sync integration (Tesseract).
  • Create and launch internal tooling to improve daily developer productivity (Precaf).
  • Review technical tests to assist the recruitment of engineers.
Spriggy Sydney
Junior Software Developer Mar. 2019 to Jul. 2019
  • Improve reliability and availability of the Spriggy platform by using rate-limiting to prevent system overload due to high message volume.
  • Implement new Billing Period feature and repair defects in the Spriggy platform.

Prior: Cadet Engineer (2015 - 2019, Singtel Optus).


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Telecommunications Engineering (2015 to 2018, Macquarie University)